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Our Story

This section is supposed to be a sort of historical record of the development of the vineyard in the unlikely event we want to look back and wonder what on earth we were thinking. The problem with documenting all this stuff is that it needs to run in chronological sequence or it becomes confusing. This then requires scrolling down through the entire page to see if there is anything new. It may not be as much of a problem as I think though, because it assumes people will actually want to read it. Anyway, our inelegant solution is to post the most recent update at the beginning of the page, and then move it into the proper sequence when there is something else uninteresting to talk about.

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The Vineyard

this section is a sort of annual look at some of the things that happened in the vineyard. Aside from a short, experimental row of Pinot Noir , our vineyard consists entirely of Riesling clone 21 vines imported from Germany. We hand-farm the individual vines which allows adaptive farming techniques for optimal quality, and our vision is to find a balance between quality, responsibility and sustainability as well as to provide ourselves with a unique retirement experience.

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The Wine

We have always sold our grapes to Synchromesh Wines. We met Alan Dickinson and the Dickinson family through our sons, as we were starting up the vineyard in 2010. At the time, and without any kind of track record to rely on, we  we were understandably nervous about who we could sell our grapes to. Alan was looking to add a second single vineyard riesling to his portfolio, so it was a good arrangement for both of us. Since producing our first saleable crop in 2012 we have continued to benefit from Alan’s mentoring and expertise as he rapidly developed a reputation as one of the premier riesling aficionados in BC. He has done wonders with our grapes.

To order Synchromesh wines, please send an email to wine@synchromeshwines.ca or call Alan Dickenson at 250-535-1558. Unfortunately all vintages are now sold out, but 2016 should be available around April 2016.


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