Why a Blog?

First of all this is not my idea. The boys have developed this web-site where we can post all our pictures and keep people up to date about what is going on here. This of course assumes anyone is in the slightest bit interested.

This is also a means to document what we are doing here in case they (or anyone else) want to look back on the project when we are gone, mentally if not physically.  We all know this is unlikely and a little morbid perhaps, but there you are. I shall insist on one of those little counters on the website which tells you how many people actually visit it, and I am guessing not very many.

Apparently I am required to write this blog every couple of weeks. Ann is off the hook because it would take her longer than that to type her name, but she will nevertheless be contributing in spirit. The blog is not intended to be either accurate or instructive, but will hopefully be interesting. Anything you might read here is probably going to be a complete fabrication of the truth.

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  1. Hi Ian and Ann,
    Take yourselves back to the days of Ian H-S courting Ann and UCT waterpolo .. and recall the bald Ian Wheeler!! Herman passed on your details last night .. we met for drinks .. Bones, Jamie, Herman and I. Well done on your retirement and a fantastic website .. your dry humour has not changed one bit, Ian. Its unlikely we will ever visit Canada but when next you are in Cpt you MUST contact us and have a drink with your old friends!!
    All the best to both of you and good luck with the wines!!
    Cheers .. Ian