Join the Thorny Vines adopt a row program, and be prepared to roll up your sleeves…….Our “Adopt a row program” was the brain-child of our old friends, the Derry’s, as a means to get friends to take a personal interest in what goes on at Thorny Vines.

Here’s how it works:

  • You come out and visit us for a period of at least two days;
  • We put you to work in the vineyard doing stuff that we would prefer not to do ourselves;
  • You put in a minimum of 10 accredited hours of hard physical labour;
  • We do not pay you anything.
  • You may invoke the “Slackers” exemption from activity, but you do not get any row in recognition, and you may very well be labelled as the “Slacker of the Month” or worse still, “Slacker of the Season”.

What’s in it for you? Not much other than:

  • An opportunity to get a periodic “Farming Fix”. There is a farmer hidden somewhere in all of us just waiting to get out;
  • A purple tag with your name on it at the head of a row of your choice. If you work more than 15 hours your name is written in permanent marker;
  • A digital photo of your row, at least once a year, providing we remember;
  • Free board and lodging for the duration of your visit.

Some restrictions may apply:

  • We have to know you, or at least be able to recognize you;
  • We only have 35 rows so hurry while this offer lasts;
  • Your adopted row is good for three years. You may renew at any time during this period by contributing a minimum of 5 additional hours.



Currently adopted rows:

2015 Inductees

Rob & Penny Hill (Row 11) – for tirelessly recruiting unsuspecting Dragon Boat pickers and as well as driving the tractor all day moving something over 3 tons singlehandedly.

The Heyman Clan (Row 13) – For providing the inspiration behind Thorny Vines and for coming all the way from Philly and Cape Town so we could put them to work on harvest day.

The Dragon Boat Team (Row 16) – For coming back a second year even though we forgot to give them credit last year.

Conor McKenna & Hayley O (Row 29) – For working on the shortest row qualifying for status and for lending us Hayley’s feet to crush the Pinot Noir.

Maureen Leyland & James Harris (Row 10) for kindly lending us their apartment for Michael & Alana’s wedding weekend. (Photo Required)



Rogues Gallery

This is a section of the Adopt a Row program currently reserved for the slacker of the season. Invoking the “Slacker’s” exemption (See above) will pretty much guarantee you a spot here. Mike & Sean, long-time incumbents for this dubious honour have finally been dislodged by Stuart Chalmers who was last seen lying on his back in row 10 or thereabouts trying to get a bit of sleep.