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We have always sold our grapes to Synchromesh Wines. We met Alan Dickinson and the Dickinson family through our sons, as we were starting up the vineyard in 2010. At the time, and without any kind of track record to rely on, we  we were understandably nervous about who we could sell our grapes to. Alan was looking to add a second single vineyard riesling to his portfolio, so it was a good arrangement for both of us. Since producing our first saleable crop in 2012 we have continued to benefit from Alan’s mentoring and expertise as he rapidly developed a reputation as one of the premier riesling aficionados in BC. He has done wonders with our grapes.

To order Synchromesh wines, please send an email to or call Alan Dickenson at 250-535-1558. Unfortunately all vintages are now sold out, but 2016 should be available around April 2016.



The 2015 Vintage

2015 is the fifth vintage for Synchromesh Thorny Vines Riesling, and Alan has really outdone himself this time. In July 2016, the Synchromesh 2015 Thorny Vines riesling was awarded a gold medal at the Canadian National Wine Awards, and then later in the year was selected by Anthony Gismondi as one of his top 10 BC wines of the year. It is only fair to say that in addition to Thorny Vines Riesling, Gismondi also ranked Four Shadows 2015 Riesling from Alan’s riesling stable in the top 10. Quite an achievement !

Anthony Gismondi/Treve Ring

“Synchromesh has earned their street cred as THE riesling producers in BC, and on par with the best in Canada. This is one of four single vineyard rieslings released this year. Alan Dickinson works with many different ferments within each vineyard, isolating the ones which best signify the site. From the southern end of Naramata Bench, Thorny Vines Vineyard is German clones on fertile heavy clay; facing north affords the vineyard some cooler temperatures, as does the moderating effects of Okanagan Lake. Chalky, lemon acidity and a green apple cut works across the lemon balm, lime pulp and fleshy pear juiciness. Kabinett-styled, this linear, medium bodied and intense white gobbles up 36 g/l RS, leaving a pithy white grapefruit and lime-y-ness in its wake, finishing dry. Fantastic value.”


The full text of the article can be seen by clicking on the link below:



Canadian National Wine Awards:




NCAA Judges Comments:

Michelle Bouffard

“Notes generous lime, pink grapefruit and lemon cream. The acidity brings the perfect balance with the residual sugar button. Recalls German Rieslings of the Rheingau region. Pure pleasure and charm with spicy dishes or cheese fondue.”

Sara d’Amato

“A classic beauty, this riesling had me at first sip. Flinty mineral, white flower and petrol dominate the nose of this aromatic style. The palate offers an oily texture and impressive weight. Excellent value.”

David Lawrason

“This reminded me of a Mosel riesling from Germany. It is a bit youthfully suppressed on the nose with some sulphur, ripe grapefruit, peach and minerality. It has considerable weight, but is notably off-dry, with a touch of CO2 tingle. Fine acid-sugar balance, and very good to excellent length. Give it a year”


Previous Vintages:


Riesling Book

Stuart Pigott is arguably one of the foremost Riesling afficionados in the world. In his book ” Best White Wine on Earth” (published in 2014) he dedicates the better part of a page discussing Synchromesh Rieslings and makes mention of Thorny Vines 2012: ” Thorny Vines 2012 Riesling is juicy and charming although the acidity in this wine is seriously racy.” He goes on to say:” Germany is clearly the prime source of inspiration for these wines, although they are anything but slavish copies of Rhine and Mosel originals. My guess is that as impressive as Alan’s wines are now, he’s a Riesling winemaker with an even brighter future”

In 2015 Synchromesh produced 5 varieties of single vineyard Riesling wines, two from separate blocks from their  own Synchromesh-2014RieslingGroupStorm Haven vineyard, from our Thorny Vines vineyard, from Four Shadows Vineyard and from Bob Hancock’s Vineyard. In addition, Synchromesh produced two different blends of these Rieslings.






The 2014 Vintage

The 2014 vintage of Thorny Vines Riesling has received an impressive 91 – point rating from Anthony Gismondi, probably the most widely recognized wine critic for BC Wines. Unfortunately it is all sold out, but the 2015 vintage should be available around April 2016.



Synchromesh-TV-Riesling-2014-webSynchromesh Wines Thorny Vines Riesling 2014 – (91 points)  “This is one of a trio of single vineyard rieslings Synchromesh released from the 2014 vintage, each providing a singular snapshot of its origin. Thorny Vines Vineyard lies at the southern end of Naramata Bench, the cooler, north facing vineyard reflected in the racy acidity cutting through this juicy, youthful riesling. Lemon pith, bitter citrus, pear skin and green apple open the nose. The off-dry palate rings with chalky stoniness, wild herbs, lemon verve and ripe pear, with great intensity of fruit and a riff of pear skin lingering on the lengthy finish. Thorny Vines is a lazer beam of pithy acidity cushioned by ripe orchard pear and in an impressive 9.8 percent alcohol package.”






The 2013 Vintage

In 2013, Synchromesh produced two versions of Thorny Vines Riesling. In addition to the regular version, there was significaScreen Shot 2016-01-03 at 3.46.31 PMntly more occurrence of botrytis throughout the vineyard, and the decision was made to produce a botrytis – affected aperitif and market it in 375 ml bottles. there is a bit more discussion on the circumstances behind the botrytis under “Our Grapes”. The “experiment” proved highly successful, with both versions of the wine garnering silver medals at the 2014 Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 8.27.12 AMnational wine awards.

“Easy drinking and very well done. Lots of tropical fruit, comfortable acidity and a nice point of citrus on the finish. Love it if under $20 (and it is !).”


The 2012 Vintage

The ‘Thorny Vines’ 2012 Riesling won the best white wine and Synchromesh 2011 Rose was best rose as chosen by 350 blind tasters in a charity event!

Stuart Pigott – Riesling Global:

“Everywhere I eat and drink in Vancouver/BC dry Riesling from the Okanagan Valley is available as if this stopped being something requiring any discussion a very long time ago. When I asked I was told that it’s one of the wines Okanagan does the best, full stop. And the first wines I’ve drunk have been really good. The excellent dry Riesling from Tantalus in Kelowna, is even available in the bar at my hotel, the Moda at 900 Seymour Street. Yesterday evening I was very impressed by the 2012 Thorny Vines Riesling from new kids on the block Synchromesh, which was just on the medium dry side of dry, was bristling with aroma ranging form roses to lime and had a challenging acidity which reminded me of wines from cooler areas of the Nahe region of Germany.”

Deanna Van Mulligan – Wine Scores:

“A wine made from young German vines grown on the Naramata bench. It’s a delicious and delicate Riesling with marmalade, chamomile flowers, white nectarine and honey aromas. It’s undeniably sweet but the racy acidity cleans up nicely. Fresh green apples and grapefruit, honey and apricot flavors lead to a mouth-watering finish.
Very good!”

Liam Carrier – Icon Scores:

‘Thorny Vines’ is SynchroMesh’s “other Riesling”, essentially a nice companion piece to their $30, Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Excellence winning Storm Haven Riesling which is produced from their home vineyard vines in Okanagan Falls. The Thorny Vines Riesling hails from a youthful, 3rd leaf Naramata Bench vineyard and is more assessable to the casual Riesling fan, both in character (a fruity, tangy, off-dry charmer) and price (impressive quality for under $20).

Concentrated kumquat, honeycomb and Asian pear through its floral nose and lightly-mineral-ed palate; finishing a tad short due to the intense acidity needed to balance the 30g/l of residual sugar. Though, it must be stated, a balance that works and allows the wine to stand on its own or as a companion to classic off-dry Riesling dishes like spicy Asian fare – just don’t go too spicy or you’ll overwhelm this lovely nectar. Drink 2013-2016.”

The 2013 National Wine Awards of Canada:

The National Wine Awards of Canada were judged in June in Niagara. Sixteen independent wine critics gathered for five days to taste through 1,081 wines grown and produced by over 150 wineries across Canada, and released for sale in the calendar year 2013. The wines were tasted blind, with the top scoring 22% of the entries going on to a final round for a second evaluation. Both Synchromesh Rieslings made the cut, with their Stormhaven 2011 receiving a gold medal, and the Thorny Vines 2012 receiving bronze. Congratulations to Alan on their success.

Kurtis Kolt – North Shore Outlook:

Synchromesh 2012 ‘Thorny Vines’ Riesling | Okanagan Valley, BC | $19-23 | Winery Direct/Private Stores.

There’s been a buzz around town about Okanagan Falls’ Synchromesh Wines, and what a pleasure it was to finally give them a whirl and find them to be totally worthy! The best part is that I wasn’t influenced by that buzz as I enjoyed lifted aromatics of lime, green apple and jasmine, followed by orange marmalade and lemonade on the palate. It’s juicy, but still finishes dry. Yet another fantastic B.C. Riesling to add to my ever-growing list of favourites!

Tim Pawsey – North Shore News:

“We’ll have no problem sipping the vibrant, citrus-toned Syncromesh Thorny Vines Riesling 2012 ($19).

John Schreiner – writer and wine columnist:

“Thorny Vines Riesling 2012 ($18.90 for 296 cases produced). This excellent wine is from a three-year-old Naramata Bench vineyard planted with the legendary Clone 21B.  The wine is crisp and tangy, with lime and lemon aromas and flavours and with dry finish. 89.(points out of 100)”

My Wine Pal:

This Riesling has a nice flowery honey nose. Off dry, high acidity and very tart on the palate.  Citrus and green apple flavours, with a crab apple finish. Very good, but be prepared for the tartness”